LPP #47 Finding Your Tribe, Body Acceptance, and Allowing Space For Failure with Kelly VanLeeuwen

Kelly VanLeeuwen


If you have been listening to this show from the beginning (again HUGE thank you!) and you may remember my guest Kelly VanLeeuwen from episode #4. In today’s episode I sit down with Kelly again. This time over a year later. It was so amazing to have this follow up with Kelly because SO much has changed in her business.

Kelly is the owner of Maya Movement Arts (IG @maya_movement_arts), a seasoned aerialist performer, certified AcroYoga teacher, masseuse (both Thai and traditional table massage). In this episode we discuss the art of teaching confidence, leadership, cultivating a positive & safe work culture, learning to let people fail, loyalty, Insecurity, competition, and building yourself out of your business.


  • As an entrepreneur the importance of knowing your why
  • As a business owner your team, the people you employ, need to feel safe
  • Safety promotes loyalty
  • Her first priority is to her team
  • Switching her business model from contract to employee
  • How transparent am i willing to be with my team?
  • She doesn’t always expect them (her team) to agree with her
  • Learning to give people space to fail, ultimately so they can have the opportunity to see how good they can get. If she is always there in the background solving the problem, her teachers will never have the chance to grow
  • Building yourself out of the business
  • Having to deal with different learning & communication styles
  • Teaching how to have confidence & shifting your focus from yourself to others. How this fosters and environment that welcomes growth and community, instead of insecurity & competition
  • How she created and cultivated a safe, warm environment in a very vulnerable medium (aerials), how
  • “The tendency as a student [at a new studio] is to be looking for that time when you’re like ‘Yep, I don’t belong here. I knew it. I’m not good enough to be here. I should go home and probably never come back.’”
  • Building a female team/tribe, that supports one another.
  • You stop keeping score when you lead with kindness
  • Just because there is a conflict doesn’t mean the situation doesn’t have to end well, or that she dislikes them
  • Choosing her team as her priority, enables her to say no more easily as she has them depending on her, she has to be that much more selective with her time.  

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