Booty Blast ☀ Stair Workout

Hey Everyone!

This weekend I was craving some variety in my workouts. So I ventured down to the neighborhood stadium for an amazing stadium stair workout!! I had the entire stadium to myself and seriously loved it! To top it off I burned just over 600 calories without even thinking about it! It was so much better than feeling like a lab rat on the elliptical at the gym!

Stairs are a one of the best ways to both target your glutes, quads, and hamstrings while simultaneously getting your heart rate thumping! You will boost your fat and calorie burn by adding strength and toning moves between your stair runs! You can find stairs at parks, your local high school stadium, office parks, inside your apartment building, or your home!


Booty Blast ☀ Stair Climber Pyramid

5 – 10 min warm-up:
Try butt kicks, high knees, tap backs (each leg taps back one at a time), jumping jacks, side stretches, run in place, arm circles forward and back.

2x Stair Run

25 x Acceding Lunges (repeat on opposite side):
In a lunge position place Right foot forward on a higher step with Left foot back on lower step, pulse down then up, that is one.

3x Stair Run

3x Five-Stair Squat Jump Climb
From a squat position jump-up climbing a set of five stairs, walk back down, repeat 3 times!

4x Stair Run

30x Bench Tricep Dips
Find a step or bench, from a sitting position place your hands on the edge by your side. Slide your tush forward and dip down, while kicking one leg out engaging your core! Alternate legs for each rep. Then run up those steps!!

5x Stair Run

10x Side-Jump-Up
Stand on steps with the next stair up on your right side
Jump up and back down, this is one, do 10x total
Repeat on opposite side (jumping up to the stair on your left)

4x Stair Run

10x Mountain Climber Push-Ups
Your standard push-up but while your arms are extended, bring your right knee to your right elbow.
Return your right leg to starting position before performing another push-up.
Alternate knees for each rep.

3x Stair Run

1 MIN Football Side Shuffle (repeat going in opposite direction):
Get low into a wide legged squat. Lead with your right and quickly side-step to the Right while STAYING LOW in your squat! Do for 1 min. Repeat, moving Left!

2x Stair Run

Have Fun!!

Your Trainer,


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