I’m Engrid. I grew up just north of Boston over the border in New Hampshire (locally known as “New Hampsha”). I went to college at Northeastern University for 3 semesters. Truthfully I just wasn’t cut out for life in a city so I transferred to the University of New Hampshire. After graduating college with a BS in Biology, I got married, then moved to South Carolina for my husband’s job! After some culture shock – I landed my first real job as a purchaser at an Interior Design Firm where I eventually became an in-house photographer. Not what you expected, right?? Truthfully I had felt obligated by my parents expectations to pursue the degree in biology. My real passions are less analytical; graphic design, photography, drawing, fitness, and movement.

post card form paris store front

I walked into that interior design firm that day because it was so opposite of everything I knew. It was what I had denied myself of for so many years. It was my chance to let my creative juices flow. It  was my chance to live more for myself than for others expectations.

Sidebar: I’ve always had a knack at carving out my own niche. The summer after my junior year in college I wanted to take a photography class abroad to fulfill my art credit. Being a bio major doesn’t exactly leave much wiggle room to go abroad or take fun classes like drawing, photography (or art in general, really). So I thought here’s my chance, two birds one stone right? Go abroad for a summer semester annnd get my art credit! Perfect!

But like many things in life, actually implementing this was far easier said than done. I had to petition for the photography class to count as my art credit, I basically had to justify how the course requirements for a photography class (taught in Paris, mind you) met with my universities art requirements. Sounds like I already had it in the bag, right??? (photography class in Paris = art credit).

My university actually denied my petition. But I didn’t let that stop me. I petitioned again! This time I was determined – so I disputed my position using my University’s very own word-for-word description of the art course requirements! Drafted up another petition outlining how my course was in fact up to snuff with their requirements. They were relentless. But I finally got it approved! Then after getting my passport denied 5 times (that’s a whole ‘nother story…literally denied one of those times because my side swept bangs apparently hid too much of my forehead…) Anyway long story short, when I want to make something happen I find a way!

While working at the interior design firm as a purchaser, I grew interested in photographing all the beautiful designs we had both in-store and in-home. It wasn’t too much later that I shared this with my boss, she believed in me and saw that I had talent and I will never forget that about her. Next thing I knew I was being assigned to photo-shoots rather than track purchase orders.

Me as a photogrpaher

As you can probably guess by now, my free-spirit and big-dreamer personality aren’t really cut out for the ol’ nine-to-five mold. While taking photos of settees and dinnerware was great, I became restless because I was also intensely passionate about nutrition and fitness (and fashion), so I started Liveng Proof as a way to blend all my interests together.  I  thought if I wanted to provide fitness advice, I better be legit. So I got my Personal Trainer Certification from NASM. I now train clients, teach fitness classes at Elite Fitness here in Greenville, SC, while still focusing on building Liveng Proof. I’ve seriously never been happier!


Some of my product/lifestyle photography:


And I shot a season of weddings:




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    July 18, 2013 at 9:38 am

    This is just great! Keep chasing your dreams. Love, Dad

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    October 5, 2013 at 12:37 am

    Wow we have such similar backgrounds I too discovered my passion in everything you named litterly everything …. About Jr year in college I went to UCD so in January 2014 I’m going back to parse my passion taking culinary video editing photography and going to get certified as a PT and nutrition couch…. How do you like your studies so far?

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    Ksenia - Breakfast Criminals
    November 25, 2013 at 6:34 pm

    Inspired by your story and that little infographic! What did you use to put it together? 🙂

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      November 28, 2013 at 8:47 am

      Ksenia! Thanks for all the love, especially from a company who’s mission I strive to apply to my own life everyday; taking care of yourself, eating delicious healthy foods, and radiating positivity! I’m so glad I stumbled upon all those beautiful breakfast bowls on your IG account!! As for the infographic, I made it from scratch in photoshop 😉 xo

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