LPP #7 A Vibrant Voice with Brittnee Siemon

Todays guest was actually one of my former clients and I say former just because she’s moving. I was lucky enough to get some face time with her for this interview as she was in the process of packing. We found some space away form the boxes and bubble wrap to sit down for this delightful & refreshing conversation. With special guest appearances by her two curious cats CJ and Sammy who were rather intrigued by my recording set-up

Dr. Brittnee Siemon is an opera singer, as well as an avid concert and recital performer. She’s made debut’s at Jordan Hall in Boston & international appearances in Austria, Germany, Turkey, Italy, and Belize.


  • What she recommends to people who are scared of embracing change, breaking their routine, or stepping out into the unknown
  • How to change your perception of what is possible
  • What characteristics make for a successful life
  • Practicing the art of learning and the role this plays in a successful & adventurous life
  • Qualities of Great Mentors
  • Her outlook: my life is always an adventure, there’s no answers in the back of the book
  • What she thinks makes her a successful teacher
  • How do you juggle the social norms: Mother, wife, sister, daughter & the Career, business women, outspoken leader, advocate. How do you make all of these things go together?
  • Have a sense of vibrancy not relaxation. If you have a sense of vibrancy about yourself, to me that’s relaxation
  • A non-conformist work ethic is celebrated
  • Staying committed to something because of your inner value of work ethic & learning when it’s okay to say I choose not to do this anymore.
  • Fighting the fear of disappointing others


Being able to say “I don’t know” [as a mentor] doesn’t make you less than.

Since when is saying that you’re not pleased with someone’s work, or the level of commitment to work, since when is that tied to ‘I like you’ or ‘don’t like you’ as a person? These two things are completely unrelated.

When you practice the art of learning you’ll be open to receiving whatever comes your way.



Dr. Siemon is in her ninth season as the principal vocalist for the ensemble: Columbia Baroque. And last year actually in November of 2015 she was invited to perform at the Muzio Clementi Conference in Luca, Italy!

As an early music specialist she has also been affiliated with well-known ensembles at:
Boston’s’ Old South Church
The Handel and Hayden Society
Boston Baroque
Muses Delight
The Harvard Early Music Society

Originally from Springfield Ohio she holds music degrees in Voice Performance  and Music Therapy and carries Academic and Performance Distinction from Ohio University, the University of South Carolina and the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston.

Brittnee currently resides in Brevard, North Carolina with her husband, her two beloved cats, and three backyard chickens.


You can check out some of Brittnee’s Work on her YouTube Channel HERE!

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