1st Time Cross-Fit ☀ Step Outside Your Comfort Zone!

Hi Everyone!!

So thanks to the encouragement of a friend, I stepped outside my comfort zone and tried cross-fit for the first time yesterday!  I honestly don’t think I would have tried it without that friendly little push.


I have friends who do cross-fit regularly and like many organized athletic groups, its definitely earned a stereotype. Marathoners are known to have a certain slender wirey build. Triathletes tend to be marathoners or cyclicists who decided they need an even bigger challenge. Yogi’s are the OG of lululemon and can hold a handstand for longer than than I can balance on one foot. And then there’s cross-fit; a mash-up of body builders, marines, people who train like marines, former collegiate athletes, the intimidating list goes on.  So needless to say,  I was a little nervous to try it. I’d seen the competitions on TV; the women who look like they’ve traded in their venus razor for a gillette…

I try not to judge and live under the philosophy that ‘you can’t form a legitimate opinion about something until you’ve tried it yourself’. I was conscious to stay hydrated before meeting my friend there at 3:45 (for the 4:00 session). The building doesn’t look like much from the road, its just an old warehouse (think concrete brick building with metal garage style doors). Despite it’s minimalist appearance, this gym had everything necessary to challenge your body to the max. I will say, that because of it’s reputation, cross-fit is certainly more appealing to men. Jonathan was the instructor that day. I liked how accommodating he was to me being a first-timer and felt that he exhibited a  very encouraging and non-judgmental attitude! Regardless of all the hype promoting or discrediting cross-fit…I have now tried it for myself and would definitely do it again!

Bottom line: I got a great workout and challenged my body with something new and different! I certainly feel sore now (24 hours later). Cross-fit is a lot like a love-hate relationship, you suffer during and when you think back to your workout, you somehow remember it fondly…so you keep going back. There’s also incredible comrade. Your fellow cross-fittians are your greatest competition as well as your biggest support system, there to cheer you on as you challenge yourself beyond your comfort zone. I don’t think I’m alone in saying that I definitely push myself harder when working out with others (even if it’s just one other person)!

Try cross-fit for yourself and see if you like it!



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