Live in Greenville, SC and want more info about starting a bootcamp with a group friends or bridal party? Or maybe you’re considering personal training?  Just send me a message, I’d love to hear from you!

Here’s a little preview of my bootcamps and personal training clients in action!

Just send me a message and I’ll respond just as soon as I can!

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    W H A T  M Y   C L I E N T S  A R E   S A Y I N G:

    I owe you so much gratitude for all you have shared with me over the years. I wouldn’t have gotten to this place without YOU first being there for me. I wanted to let you know that you’ve had a huge impact on my life!!! I love you. You helped save me. -MF

    You have changed my life and given me the tools and confidence I had lost to get back on track with looking, and more importantly feeling good about my body again. I wasn’t feeling good about my body and you helped me feel and look amazing on my wedding day. I feel like you have given me more that I could ask for or give back to you and for that I will be forever grateful. Please know that you are amazing and you are great at what you do. You genuinely care and that shows! – JH

    The last year for me has been a roller coaster ride! But, I have to tell you that you were one of the people that helped me start to get through it all. – AG

    I feel like you and I were meant to meet. Our paths crossed for a reason and that is pretty terrific. I am better for having met you and hope we will keep in touch after I move. – BS

    You are the sweetest person ever! I have always appreciated your passion for what you do! I know I’ve benefited from it! Thank you for brining your A-game every session! -LN

    Engrid, you have me fitting into pants I haven’t been able to wear in 3 years!! Thank you. Xoxo – AO

    I want you to know how much I appreciate you and how you have put a spark back into me eating and thinking healthy. – EL

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed our bootcamp sessions and felt so much stronger and healthier doing it. It’s truly the most consistent exercise routine I think I’ve ever been a part of. You are so good at what you do and that’s why I was so committed to stick with it –  through all the ups and downs. You have a gift and it’s a blessing that you get to use it for your career. – EH

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    Bootcamp FAQ’s:

    What does a bootcamp include?
      Monthly Measurement check-ins to track your progress and keep you accountable!
    ✓  Before & After Photos (optional)
    ✓  Exclusive Grocery List to help you make the best choices – no matter where you’re  shopping!
    ✓  Custom meal-plans*

    What can I expect the first time we meet?
    I like to sit down and really get to know my clients! So I like to meet with each person one-on-one prior to the bootcamp start date. This is important for each of person to have as it allows me to determine your needs, so that I can best help each of you achieve your goals! During our complimentary one-on-one meeting we will go over:
    your fitness goals
    ✓ medical history
    ✓ nutrition
    ✓ record a baseline of your measurements
    ✓ perform a cardiovascular assessment
    ✓ perform an overhead squat assessment
    perform a 3-minute step test (cardiovascular assessment)
    1/4 mile timed run
    1 minute push-up test
    ✓  learn the dynamic warm-up

    How much does it cost?
      $15.00 per person/ session (for a group of 8-10)
      $20 per person/ session (for a group of 6)

    How does payment work?
    Payment is paid in full for each session that month, due at the first session of that month! I find that this keeps people accountable (no one wants to miss something that they’ve already paid for). This also helps you to stay on track and ultimately reach your goals!

    How many friends do I need to rally in order to start a bootcamp class with you?
    I like to start with a group of at least 6 – 8 minimum!

    Where and when do we meet?
    We will meet just 5 mins from downtown at the beautiful Lofts of Greenville located at 201 Smythe Street Greenville SC 29611

     As far as the time goes, that depends on your group! Message me and we can find something that works!

    Hope to hear from you soon!
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    ☎: 929.214.2643

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