Train With Me

What I’m all about

I gain so much joy from fostering relationships with my clients and teaching them how to re-connect with their bodies through movement. I am a business owner, a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), and a personal trainer. In addition to training I also host the Liveng Proof Podcast and co-host an additional podcast: Gal Pals.


My Training Philosophy:

I work with clients to help them gain acceptance of their body, and provide tools to connect and move their body in a sustainable and joy-filled way.

Curious to get a better idea?

You can read more about my training philosophy: here

Or if you prefer to listen, you can check out this podcast episode where I share all about my training philosophy here: Non-Diet Personal Training: Trainer Consulting

A little bit more about me:

I graduated from the University of New Hampshire, which is where I earned my B.S. in Biology.  I became an NASM certified personal trainer in 2013, which is when I also started my own business Liveng Proof, LLC. I’ve worked as a trainer ever since. I am now a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS).  I have worked with many clients over the years who have a history of an eating disorder, exercise addiction, or just a rocky relationship with exercise/ their bodies. I love working with clients and watching them deepen their relationship to their body and restore their relationship with movement.



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