Savory Roasted Winter Vegetables

Hey boss-ladies & gents!

Lately I have been making roasted vegetables every couple of days. I just seem to go through them THAT fast! And I finally feel like I nailed this recipe (took long enough). After making dozens upon dozens of sorry-soggy roasted veggies I finally figured out the secret….turn up the heat! The oven goes up to 500°F






  • butternut squash
  • haricot green beans
  • onion
  • broccolli
  • zuchinni
  • Sometimes I’ll throw in bell peppers or brussels sprouts
    Really it’s whatever veggies you want. Just try to keep them roughly the same size. This ensures that all the veggies will be evenly cooked!


  • black pepper, garlic powder (salt-free), and nutritional yeast
  • black pepper, garlic powder (salt-free), parsely, & thyme
  • black pepper, garlic powder (salt-free), sage & rosemary




  • Preheat oven to 500°F
  • Chop vegetables into similar sized pieces and toss into a large ziplock bag
  • Drizzle in olive oil (about 1-2 TBS) & lemon juice (1/2 or 1 whole lemon) ** sometimes I use coconut oil instead of olive oil! Use whatever you have on hand.
  • Shake up vigorously to coat the vegetables evenly
  • Line your baking sheet with tinfoil and evenly distribute your vegetables to maximize surface area (this is key to avoiding mushy veggies).
  • Generously season your vegetables with black pepper, garlic powder (salt-free), and nutritional yeast (or whichever seasoning combo you choose).
  • Bake at 500°F for 20-25 mins


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