So Much More Than A Trainer…

Please allow this to be the sign you need to offer a resounding YES to book a session with Engrid! I have never had a session with a personal trainer and frankly was pretty terrified. I have been scared away by the idea of the “boot camp” or “drill sergeant” trainers…pushing and wearing me down by guilt or shame. Measuring “gains” by weight loss, numbers on a scale or restrictive diets.  Shattered by the thought of paying to be yelled at, I have not committed. But something about Engrid drew me in and from the very first session I have learned so much and know it was the best investment I’ve made for myself in a very long time. She is so much more than a trainer…she creates a safe space for growth and challenges me in the most genuine and fun way. She has so much love for what she does and it pours through the screen each and every time I meet with her. I have used my body, been unkind to it and never ever thanked it. Engrid invites me every session to learn more about how my body works, how it is all connected and take time to thank my body for all that it does.  My journey to seeing and feeling my body as a safe place will be long, but I know having Engrid on my side will help me step more confidently to healing. Thank you Engrid for being you and always holding space for me. GO BOOK HER TODAY!!!

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