Major Lightbulb Moments About My Body

Engrid designed a professional, personalized 12-week workout program for me that improved my overall athletic capacity and skills. She took the time to talk with me about my priorities and personal goals, and then she incorporated all of that feedback into my program. We met over Zoom so that Engrid could do a movement and postural analysis before creating my workout plans. During this session I had some major lightbulb moments about my body, and these insights helped me to improve my form and address some areas of need. I also really loved Engrid’s focus on developing breathing skills, and how she explained how breath is a foundation of high-quality movement. Engrid is a lifelong learner, has professional certifications, and her workouts are not only creative but they are evidence-based. She’s always available to provide feedback on workouts or to offer alternative exercises if needed. I’m looking forward to continuing to work with Engrid and continuing to get strong through joyful movement.

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