Gentle Yet Empowering!

I had been wanting to move my body soo badly this year, but had not idea where to start especially during a pandemic! I never felt very safe in my body and so when one of my favorite podcast hosts, Engrid, said she was going to start virtual training I was instantly interested and booked my discovery call. Engrid comes from a very gentle yet empowering place and makes you feel so safe from day one! Zoom calls can be technologically challenging but Engird makes it work so well. She is so so intuitive and we were able to focus on movements that I have always struggled with, but never had clear instruction to work on, until her! I highly recommend Engrid as your personal trainer, and if you’re hesitant just reach out for a discovery call with and I guarantee you will love her! thank you so much Engrid for giving me the confidence to know how to move my body safely!

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