Favorite Part Of My Week

I found Engrid through her podcast and went down a rabbit hole of episodes. I was so soothed and supported by her work, taking walks with an episode of the Liveng Proof podcast felt like a meaningful conversation with friends-exactly what I needed that day. Through her solo episodes, her instagram posts, and her newer podcast she co-hosts, I learned more about her story and couldn’t believe there was another person telling my story. Particularly a solo episode where she talked about her experience as a swimmer was so poignant to me. I couldn’t believe someone who felt so much like how I did about exercise could come to a place of healing. And in that moment, I knew, if she could do it, I could do it. As this was pre-covid times, being able to work with her was a far off fantasy, but I greatly appreciated her words and support from a far. One of the few bright things that came from covid was Engrid opening up her training platform for virtual clients. It was a long stretch, but I decided to take the plunge. Our sessions quickly became my favorite part of my week, both my favorite workout (and as someone struggling with healing an exercise addiction, this is a significant thing) but also feels like such a gift to give myself. Engrid is both brilliant and well thought out with her training plans, being able to offer a personal and detailed experience for you even via zoom, but also a supportive and healing voice. I feel challenged and connected to my body more and more and really cherish the time at the end when she invites me to thank my body for what it allowed me to do today. Little word choices that she uses have made such an impact, like reminding me how much of a joy and fun it is to feel energy and move our bodies, to refer to bodies as she (which allows me to feel in relation with my body instead of seeing it as an object I’m making move) It is so easy and common for me to tap out or dissociate during movement, but Engrid’s engaging and encouraging language brings me back into myself again and again. I cannot recommend Engrid enough, both as a trainer in general, if you’re just looking for a great session and time to connect, or if you come from a background of an eating disorder or exercise addiction and need a little more support and guidance. I’m so thankful to her and our time together!

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