LPP #1 Going Off Script With Meghan Chaloner


 Meghan Chaloner
Bliss Lettering, Sip & Script

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Today marks the first ever interview episode on The Liveng Proof Show! Today I have a very special guest; I’m talking with my best friend Meghan Chaloner, of Bliss Lettering and one half of the duo behind Sip & Script. We’re talking about how Meghan juggled her traditional job as an Occupational Therapist and simultaneously started her own calligraphy and lettering business just after her own wedding.


  • How Meghan maintains her vision and steers clear of what “everyone else is doing” in her industry
  • The struggle of finding our worth through our work
  • Dealing with the pressure to “be busy”, “hustle”, and be a “girl boss”
  • The mindset shifts she’s made since starting her business to where she is now
  • The desire to say “yes” to everything when starting her business, and learning the transition of when it’s okay to say “No”
  • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome: or the feeling that we will be “found out” or that we don’t actually know what we are doing
  • Honoring both her business and personal values and how she has learned how to prioritize the two

This episode perfect is for anyone looking thinking about starting their own business & is looking for inspiration to take the leap! This episode is the perfect reminder that being blissfully oblivious can be beneficial. Or if you feel like some creative outlet is missing in your life -this episode offers a fresh conversation about following your own curiosity. You just never know where it might take you!

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