Lessons About Fear From My Optometrist

Hey friends.

The other day I had a follow up eye appointment. My new eye doc is a little different where I don’t see anyone else but her during my visit. No front desk person. No nurse. I just text her when I’m at the door of her office building and she comes to get me. She had remembered from my previous visit a few months prior that I needed my eyeglasses adjusted. I was impressed with her ability to recall that small detail. It was a Brene-Brown-Marble-Jar moment for me.  She had her machine ON and ready to adjust my Warby Parker frames.

I was marveling at how well the frames she adjusted now fit my face. No more sliding down the bridge of my nose! So I commented at how “it really is the little things in life that make such world of difference”! She was writing my script for my contacts and glasses, she looked up and added “yeah some days if my toaster toasts my bread just right, I know it’s going to be a good day”

And to this I responded “…or when you get your runny egg JUST right”. She laughed and said, “it’s so funny you say that” and proceeded to tell me that she had gone her entire life petrified of egg yolks and just this past week she had decided to overcome this fear and committed to eating eggs for breakfast every morning. And she was pleasantly surprised at how delicious they were. She had gone her entire life afraid of eggs. She explained that her Dad also possessed this fear and is likely where she adopted the idea.

Isn’t it funny the kinds of messages we can take on as our own. We allow them to define us, when they aren’t even our fears to begin with.

I applauded her for her courage and commented how many people go through life and never overcome their fears. I shared with her that I had also been working to conquer my fear of public speaking by hosting a podcast for over a year now. Naturally she asked what my podcast was about and I proudly shared that I spoke with people – many entrepreneurs – who’ve strayed from societal norms and instead followed their curiosities. How we dive deep into overcoming obstacles, facing fears, self-doubt, and ultimately how they got to where they are.

I got real with her and decided to own my vulnerability (instead of the old me, who holds back for fear of rejection). Another side note: This is a topic for another post that I want to cover: Holding back how you really feel for fear that another person will not want to receive how you feel.

I shared with her about my eating disorder and how I grew up not knowing it was okay to make mistakes. It was has been through the hosting of the Liveng Proof Podcast that I have found healing.  I hear the stories of my guests, the self-doubts, the imperfect decisions, the uncertainty, AND the absolute joy found in refusing to ignore what calls their heart.  

Have you ever had a unexpected heart-to-heart with someone? How did it leave you feeling? What are your thoughts on getting vulnerable with acquaintances?

ALSO Have you ever adopted a fear from someone else and taken it on as your own? Have you overcome that fear?


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