Conversations with Comparison

There is so much awesomeness going on out here on instagram. But when i come across a person who’s page both inspires & intimidates me, I’ve noticed that the longer I stay, the sooner I inevitably feel the sinking sharp claws of a comparison trap. It happens when I’m looking at people I aspire to be. Which I know is a total reflection on yours truly. 

Of course, what draws me in may be their beautifully curated highlight reel, but what makes me stay is their message, their content. Podcasters like Jenna Kutcher, Georgie  Morley from the Chasing Joy Podcast, and of course Jess Lively host of The Lively Show and of course one of my all time favorite Tim Ferriss hose of The Tim Ferriss Show. It’s their articulate thoughts & feelings that resonate with me emotionally. And this is what keeps me coming back.

But it’s so hard when I’m caught in comparison to have perspective. It feels anxious, lonely, and wallowy.  When these feelings hit, I have to be proactive. I have to pause and ask myself what’s really going on? Why am I feeling so triggered? It’s then, that I can share a little wisdom with myself and stop the perpetuating cycle of comparison.

I am able to remind myself of those highlights in my own life. Those stand-out-moments of good times, of pure JOY, of laughter, of friendship & connection. Remembering those faces of the ones I was with. I’m flooded with the memories of how I felt. And I feel love. This is what resonates with me emotionally. This is the kind of rational thinking I have with myself. This is how I free myself from the comparison trap.

My wish for you is that you’re able to recognize when you’ve stepped into a comparison trap. To have grace with yourself, to pause, and remember the most important conversations you will ever have are with yourself. It’s what you say to yourself in these moments that can keep you caught, or set you free.

What practices help you get out of the comparison trap? (seriously I’d love to here, so I can try them out myself!)


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    Dorothy Camak
    January 9, 2018 at 6:11 pm

    Love this post!!

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