My ED Story

It’s hard to imagine summarizing my recovery from anorexia and exercise addition into a single post. But one of the very important things I’ve realized, over the course of my recovery, is that I don’t have to carry my burdens alone. I don’t have to struggle in silence.

Carrying the things that weigh me down, as a party of one, holds me back from moving forward. It’s amazing to realize I have a team. People I trust. People who’s love and support lighten my load. For now you can listen to the following podcast episodes where I share in detail the story of my recovery and what I’ve learned.


The After Life: Ep. #57 Engrid Latina – Eating Disorder Recovery, Intuitive Eating + The Relief Of Letting Go To Find Inner Wisdom

Nourishing Women Podcast:  Ep. 62: Fostering Intuition Through Movement: Movement as More than Exercise with Engrid Latina

The Chasing Joy Podcast: Ep. 65 – Eating Disorder Recovery & Carving Your Own Empowered Path in Wellness – with Engrid Latina

Liveng Proof Podcast: Ep.#31 Full In Recovery with Jeni Cain & Engrid Latina

It is because I have walked through these dark places that I’ve acquired the special gifts. Gifts that help us connect to other people- especially other women – a depth of understanding and empathy that we would not otherwise possess, had it not been for our eating disorders.

I hold such appreciation to all that gives light. It is because of this suffering that I am able to value joy. It is because I know what it means to be hollow & empty, that I have chosen to live my fullest life. This was the first time I publicly shared my story and I am so thankful to Jeni for giving me the strength to do so and quite literally being by my side…because it is when we share our fears that we diminish ALL the power they have over us. As Jeni told me: it’s a war and each battle you win is another battle that makes you stronger! Remember you don’t have to fight your battles alone.

Also I would love to hear from you, and want you to know that I’m  here to help in anyway I can!! You can email me at or message me directly over on  IG:@livengproof

Sticks and stones
My bones have grown
I used to hide
What once was cold
Comprised of mere skin and bone
What once was so frail
But a frame of bare timber and nail
Had shrunk & shriveled
So small and disfigured
Shivered, quivering
A deep cold that stayed, lingering
Until a beam of white light
A warmth of desire so trite
A small flame ignited
In truth it delighted
To know it could live
But great effort it would give
To grow out of a line, knowing what’s yours is NOT mine
This race to save face
Why had I never known my place
My spine stands straight
The ligaments can now carry their weight
I’m hungry to stand tall
I will rise and cast my call
They will listen to my voice
It’s chords brightened, by choice
I want to live.

-Engrid Latina


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