LPP #56 Finding Joy in Contentment, Attaching Our Worth to Our Weight, and Body Resiliency with Rachael Hartley

This episode is with non-diet registered dietitian Rachael Hartley from the popular food and wellness blog The Joy of Eating by Rachael Hartley Nutrition. Rachael specializes in intuitive eating, disordered eating, and digestive disorders. In 2014, she launched her own private practice, located in Columbia SC.  She focuses on true holistic wellness – a mind-body approach to living that incorporates nutrition, self care, and body acceptance. Through compassion and acceptance, she wants to help others redefine health and discover their own path to wellness.


x With the rise of wellness culture comes an ever-growing murkiness between marketing that supports a diet in disguise vs. supporting health. Thus making it very confusing to consumers to know what they are “buying into”

x Changing the conversation of our culture & get away from judging people based on their health, weight, and arbitrary beauty standards

x “I’m doing this to be healthy” and how this can be used to mask the underlying drive to lose weight

x The numbers that actually COUNT in my life cannot be measured on a scale

x The mental energy and time that goes into manipulating the number on the scale.

x We talk about online calorie counters and she explains Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR): the energy required to keep our body alive (breathing, pumping our heart, regular bodily processes)

    • Our metabolism is not static and can change on any given day: changes based on our stress, sleep, energy expenditure
    • We often oversimplify the energy expenditure equation

x Amenorrhea (highly irregular or loss of your period) & PCOS  

x How birth control when used to “regulate” people with amenorrhea, may actually mask a problem

x I share my own personal history with amenorrhea, as a result from my eating disorder

x Clothing: and how it can be one of the most triggering things when trying to move away from diet-culture & how to make it work for you

x Rachael’s hilarious solution to how she made her clothes more comfortable while working from home

x Navigating the fear around letting go of rules around food

x The elusive idea of “work life balance” & Her reframe of thinking of our life in seasons

x Body resiliency: our bodies adapt and respond to the season we are in

x The shame that can come when the season of life we are in doesn’t allow us as much time to workout or eat a certain way

x Distinguishing between Shame and Guilt

  • Shame: “I ate this thing that I shouldn’t have, OR I ate this amount and I shouldn’t have and I am bad for letting go of control”
  • Guilt: “I did this thing that isn’t in line with the way I want to live my life (doing that was bad)” allows you to move on

x Her advice to parents for dealing with “picky eaters” and modeling intuitive eating to our children

x Body Objectification and the experience she had early on in high school

x The idea of thinness being desirable by others & wanting this to stay part of her identity

x The danger with tying your identity to something that is naturally going to change

x  How her intuition lead her to become a non-diet dietitian



The Joy of Eating Blog
IG: @rachaelhartleyrd



Ellen Sadder – fantastic resources for parents of picky eaters




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