LPP #112 ADD Medication Misuse & Eating Disorders with Katie Tewes

Katie Tewes is an Eating Disorder Recovery Coach. She studied Holistic Health Coaching through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. After a 15 year battle with her own eating disorder, she has since recovered and turned her past struggles into a passion to help others. Katie provides virtual coaching to teens and women in the Seattle, WA area as well as all over the US and Canada. She assists her clients by getting in tune with their own intuition around food and their body so they have the confidence to take back ownership of their life.  IN THIS EPISODE WE DISCUSS: How ADD or ADHD medications can be misused during ed recovery, what to look out for, and what might be the true underlying cause Katie’s own Vyvanse recovery story How her metabolism was affected by being on this prescription medication Vyvanse is an amphetamine derivative  How being calorically restricted can negatively impact our ability to concentrate/focus What made her decide to wean off of Vyvanse My own decade long experience with Vyvanse  How Vyvanse honed in on both of our Eating Disorder (ED) tendencies The “letting go” process, walking through the fear, & learning to trust your body again The … Continue reading LPP #112 ADD Medication Misuse & Eating Disorders with Katie Tewes