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Welcome Friend!

I’m SO happy you are here! Welcome to Liveng Proof, a blog about whole-heartedly living your fullest life by exploring things like mental & emotional health, wellness, self care, what you eat, the relationship you have with yourself & others and ultimately how it’s ALL connected.

In short, this is a place that gives all women permission to fully embrace themselves and ALL that they are meant to be.

I’m not here to encourage you to try some kind of cookie-cutter plan (because I’m guessing you’ve tried that already anyway, and we all know those aren’t sustainable, and don’t work). And I’m also not here to pretend like I have it all figured out (cause who does, I know I don’t).

I used to live in a world of comparison  , I struggled to deal with any unexpected change (or just change from my routine in general). The struggles I faced , the messy road of my ED recovery journey have all lead me here with you. I am into self-discovery, practicing self compassion, self-care (something that was never modeled for me, and learning to share the beautiful messiness that is life with others.


I’m Engrid (pronounced Ingrid), a curious 20-something who loves long walks, learning & listening to podcasts! And it’s safe to say I’m pretty into personal growth. I’m a dreamer and love anything related to being cozy.

  • I’m a personal trainer by day, podcaster/blogger by night
  • I live in Greenville, SC but I’m originally from NH (not far from Boston)
  • I have an english setter puppy named Webster
  • I used to be a wedding photographer
  • I’m happiest when I’m having a good hearty one-on-one conversation with someone
  • I love journaling in sketch notebooks, white candles, and all things Hygge (hoo-ga)
  • I love Middle-Eastern & Lebanese food
  • I legally started my own business (Liveng Proof LLC) when I was 25
  • Any episode from The Office, Parks & Rec, or It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia can cheer me up
  • I like my coffee EXTRA Hot and half almond milk 😉


Thanks for stopping by 🙂

I’d love to hear from you! Drop me a message here: engrid@livengproof.com







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