About Me


I’m Engrid (pronounced “Ingrid”). It was my mother’s middle name, and her mother’s middle name…and it’s my first name. I think its Scandinavian or Finnish?

I grew up just north of Boston over the border in New Hampshire. After graduating college with a BS in Biology.  I got married, then moved to South Carolina for my husband’s job.

Like most twenty-somethings I had no idea what I wanted to do. I tried my hand at different things until I realized my passion had been staring me in the face my entire life. I now know I’m on the right path because I literally wake up everyday looking forward to what I am going to be able to do!


I am a personal trainer, currently training out of a small private gym. I recognize the power my client’s progress has on their motivation so I track their measurements and periodically document with progress photos! Variety is the spice of life and workouts are no exception. I constantly mix-up my training sessions – which I think makes it more fun & constantly challenges your body to adapt!

I write custom nutrition plans for my clients which cater to their specific gender, height, weight, activity level etc! Additionally I’m a huge advocate of mobility and establishing proper movement patterns. I want my client’s moving pain-free and when you move better, you can graduate into more advanced movements and training styles which ultimately accelerates your progress! I also believe strongly in the mind-body connection. The emotions, thoughts, and feelings we have directly effect our body.  I address things like breathing and how this impacts our posture and movement. Our level of fitness and how we feel in our bodies, is SO much more than just lots of sweat and squats. I encourage my clients to develop an awareness of the attitudes and behaviors they have towards themselves. My hope is that they not only grow more confident in how they look, but also establish a healthier relationship with themselves.

I’m also the host of the Liveng Proof Podcast which I started as a way to selfishly indulge my own curiosities with those who inspire me with their not-so-traditional lives. My guests have chosen to pursue their passions instead of following traditional 9-5 expectations. Of course there’s no such thing as an overnight success. The Liveng Proof Podcast is where they share the details; the challenges they faced and how they handled them.

I believe in diving deep, in talking about what’s below the surface. On my show I discuss with my guest’s things like fears, overcoming obstacles, celebrating success (or struggling to do so), shame, vulnerability, and how you identify your worthiness. It is my belief that the reason my guest’s stories resonate so much is because they are universal. In life we are all faced with obstacles, success, failure, self-doubt, and fear. I believe that when we share our truest self, we let others know they are not alone. The icing on the cake is that I get to share these stories with the all of you!

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

I’d love to hear from you! Drop me a message here: engrid@livengproof.com